Relaxing Sunday Brunch

Had a relaxing Sunday brunch at a yuppie hot spot, Empire Cafe. We got here at the height of the lunch hour, this place is packed with the line going out the door. Wow!
The atmosphere is casual and chic with a lot of energy in the air. They've got a huge selection of coffee drinks as well as mouth watering cakes at the counter. Our omelet portion was big with a side of potato and fresh fruit. The meal was served in a timely fashion but our server did have a bit of an attitude. But overall the meal was pleasant.

My latte comes with cookies ^_^

Bella frittata, kind of an Italian omelet.

That peanut butter chocolate cake was even better than it looks.

The meal:
5 toppings Omelet
Bella Frittata
Cafe Latte
Almond Joy (coffee)
Orange Juice
Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

Total: $34.00
Yumminess: B
Friendliness: C+
Cleanliness: B

Note: Not sure if I will seek out this place again unless I happen to be in the area.

Helen blogging on the go ^_^

Korean food @ Houston

So it has been a while since I posted. Trying to settle into a new city and trying out places. Lots of hits and misses but I'm finally comfortable enough to recommend places again.
First on my list this year, Tofu Village Restaurant. Very busy place with Good food at a reasonable price. Only disappointment is that they don't have the table top grill. But I do love their tofu soup, it even comes with rice in stone bowl.

The Meal:
Stir Spicy Pork
Mixed beef & seafood tofu soup
Purple Korean rice
Side dishes (free)
Mini Yogurt drink (free)

Total: $23.80
Yumminess: B+
Friendliness: A-
Cleanliness: A

Helen blogging on the go ^_^

BBQ Texas Style

My first taste of Texas BBQ and I'm loving it. Rudy's Country Store and Bar-B-Q is a food by the pound BBQ chain. They even have a gas station attached to it so both you and your ride can leave with a full tummy. My favorite is their moist brisket and sausage link. They also got yummy desserts along with old fashion sweet tea. Love their casual dining atmosphere with all the picnic tables and self serve station. No need for fancy plates, just rip yourself a piece of wax paper and dig in.

Making my own pulled pork sandwich, yummy.

The Meal:
1/2 lb Brisket (moist)
1/2 lb Pulled Pork
1/2 Sausage Link
Corn on the Cob
Sweet Tea
4 slides of bread (free)

Total: $21.18
Yumminess: A
Friendliness: A
Cleanliness: B+

Note: Don't forget to take home a bottle of their awesome spicy BBQ sauce. Their not so spicy sauce is called Rudy's sissy sauce, haha :p

Helen blogging on the go ^_^


Ichiza, the hip late night Japanese joint

Just finished watching some travel show on Japan. Now I got the craving for some traditional Japanese late night snacks. I got yakitori on my mind...meat on a stick, yum...

The meal:
Grilled Chicken Wings
Grilled Chicken Meatballs
Grilled Bacon Potato
Grilled Pork and Onion
Deep Fried Bacon Wrap Pork Tender Lion
Deep Fried Small Prawn
Age Dashi Tofu
Sea Eel Tempura Roll

Total: 38.11
Yumminess: A
Friendliness: A
Cleanliness: B

Note: Didn't save enough room in my tummy for their oh so yummy Honey Toast :( maybe next time.

Helen blogging on the go ^_^

Location:Las Vegas

Japanese food beside sushi...

Late night dinner at the Shuseki Japanese Restaurant. This is not your normal sushi joint although they do have a sushi bar with very good sushi. They offer homestyle japanese cooking like udon and grilled fish. In fact, they have a full ramen noodles menu. One of the best in town. Big menu, good sake sellection and very friendly service. This is one of the my favorite restaurants in town.

Fried Octopus Legs
Fried Shrimps
Spicy Pork Ramen
Salty Salmon Fried Rice

Total: $33.47
Yumminess: A
Friendliness: A
Cleanliness: B+

The best part about this place is that it's open till 2am. Great place for night owls.

Helen blogging on the go ^_^

Location:Las Vegas

Auntie's Lamb Stew

Enjoying a nice home cooked meal by hubby's Auntie. When you raise 8 children and many more grandkids, you bet the lady is one awesome cook. Yummy ^_^

Huge pot of lamb stew.

Along with Cuban rice and salad.

Total: $0
Yumminess A+
Friendliness A+
Cleanliness A+

Dinner with family: Priceless

Helen blogging on the go ^_^

Korean BBQ

Enjoying a late night dinner @ Tufu Hut. This stand alone Korean BBQ joint on Spring Mountain Rd open til 4am. Perfect for night owls.
And at $13.99 per people all you can eat, hum...I am in BBQ heaven. ^_^

OB Beer, my favorite Korean beer, not offered at too many places.

Love all the side dishes, my personal favorites are the pancake and fish cake.

Love their salad too.

Yummy meats on the grill.

The Meal:
OB Beer
Sliced Ribeye
Spicy Chicken
Marinated Pork Belly
Korean Side Dishes

Total: $36.40
Yumminess: A+
Friendliness: A
Cleanliness: B

note: service can be slow here but very friendly.
Helen blogging on the go ^_^

Location:Chinatown Las Vegas